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I am a fiction writer, right now I have a book out called Along the River, while other books are coming. Here is my website to keep everyone updated on new releases.

Luna, what if…

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About the Author

I am a puertorrican woman, a mother, a wife, and a professional. I also happen to be an author. I am just like any woman with a dream; working on it and hoping for the best. I have been writing all my life but jus a few years ago I decided to make my work public. I am from a town in Puerto Rico called Rio Grande, I went to school and college there and then I move to the United States. Here I got married and have two beautiful girls, but I never abandon my dream but I needed the support to get started. That support I got from my husband, thank you dear, and my girls, thank you my loves.

Nueva Historia, a story of getting even

Clara is a young girl that gets tired of the way things are in her world and decided to take matters into her own hands. A story that is an adventure, and a dream for those who have ever wanted to do the same…

Along The River, an unusual romance…

This is the love story of Florian and Danielle, a young couple with many differences that make them take many decisions. The book is out today, is available in, Barnes and Noble,, and Kindle.

The writer…

This is the realization of a dream, one of many more…

┬áMy name is Desiree Tamargo and I am a Puertorrican woman, a mother, a wife, and a professional. I am also a writer, since I was little I remember writing my thoughts and then ripping off the pages so nobody ever finds out that I was doing something as ‘uncool’ as writing like big people. I went from my hometown in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico to my new hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania without a clue of what I could really do except when I wrote my dreams. Then I married my husband Tomas and he saw some of my writings and he was the one that encourage me to write in a novel style, that was more than fifteen years ago and now I am a writer with a book out and many more to come where that came from. I am happy to finally have my own website where I will promote my books, yes I have more in the future, and let people get to know me a little better. Please ‘like’ me and welcome to my site.

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